Monday, March 9, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Launches Self Tanning Mist

Lindsay Lohan is at it again, last time it was leggings, this time its self tanning mist. Lindsay partnered up with Lorit Simon, her personal tanning master, who has tanned her for most of her events and photoshoots to create 'Sevin Nyne'. The mist is a combo of Lorit Simon's own blend, however the mist instead of an airbrush was Lindsay's idea, for that do-it-at-home convienience.

The active ingredient is DHA and uses carmel instead of artificial dyes. The mist is stain resistant adn it takes 2 - 5 hours to get the look. Your tan will last for 5 days. Look for this item on starting April 15th, in stores May 1. Sevin Nyne will cost $35.

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