Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jewelry like Jennifer Lopez - Fashion Style

Jennifer Lopez has been on our style radar for some time now, shocking us with daring choices and dazzling jewelry that is fabulously frivolous and over the top. Though most of us probably can't afford to spring for Jennifer Lopez size gems, we can take some tips from her to create jewelry looks that add glamour to our own wardrobe.

Jennifer Lopez makes her own rules, as she chooses combinations including both gold and silver. On a recent promotional experience she wore a large silver chain link bracelet with a jumbo size pair of hoop earrings and a handful of rings. She favors hoop earrings, often choosing oversize textured pairs to compliment a flowing hair style.

Jennifer Lopez pictures

Mrs. Mark Anthony also likes to pile on the bangles, wearing wristfuls of sterling silver thin bracelets as a casual accessory. She also stacks large wooden bangles, sporting several at a time, plus big earrings to complete an outfit.

Jennifer Lopez's jewelry style is versatile and fashion, as she switches back and forth from pop rocker to glam goddess. Onstage, she needs to be the center of attention, rocking piles of accessories. But lately, her red-carpet look has leaned more toward tailored and posh, consisting more of classic pieces like humongous diamond studs, which shine with an elegant up-do. Other faves include romantic art deco drop earrings with matching bezel-set bracelet. Often the gowns she wears are decadent unto themselves, so she's careful to choose jewelry that doesn't overpower. Instead, it adds just the right touch of sparkle.

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To get her look, try opting for costume jewelry with glitzy gems in fun colors like canary yellow or baby pink. Also, dare to wear gold and silver at the same time if the designs are similar. Just remember that your signature style doesn't necessarily have to follow a certain set of style rules. You can play with jewelry and mix it up, just like Jennifer Lopez.

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