Sunday, November 13, 2011

Melbourne Cup Fashion

It is coming to that time of year again,when the world (or at least Australia) stops to watch the the Melbourne Cup.

This will involve many a crazy hat and little spring dress being paraded through the city and at any available race course.

A pity I don't live in Melbourne, as then I would have a day off to celebrate!

Last year I even brought a fascinator, which was a hideous thing I had to attach to my head for a party. Never again! Unless I go to the actual races.

Anyhoo thought I would share some Spring dresses and fascinating fascinators :)

 Some crazy explosion of purple on her head :)

Now this is scary, the chick on the left is so tanned that her teeth are the only thing standing out on her face, and the chick on the right, well....I feel sorry for the animal she had to skin for that dress

 Simple and pretty

 I actually really like this hat, kinda oriental. The birds are cute

I had to put in this pic, this girl looks amazing! The bright colours against her skin tone, beautiful

What look do you go for?? Sleek and sophisticated, or scary and skanky?

 Nothing says class like a mullet dress

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