Thursday, December 8, 2011

Victorias Secret Fashion Show

I love Victorias Secret. I love their girly, frilly, fun, frisky, sassy, (pink) under garments/wear/bras/lingerie. 

I don't have a TV, which normally isn't a struggle, a pain, or even something I miss. However, missing the VS Fashion show last night was a total bummer. As my friends updated their facebook statuses ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the glitter, the excess, the beauty...I was totally envious of their flat screens! Good thing I was working late last night, so I was plenty busy enough as a distraction.

Today, I went online and found some photos from last night's chica-extravaganza. Amazing!! I wasn't sure if it they were Halloween costumes or lingerie. So much fun with the colors, shapes, sizes, themes.

Enjoy, my beautiful friends. Let me just say, all of you could rock these outfits. Of course, at the appropriate time, and for the appropriate person (husband).  ah hem.

haha....haaaaahaha. Wow. She's strong!!
tribal African? Polynesian? I'm going with African based upon her neck and arm pieces. What do you think?
LOVE the lacrosse chick. not loving the pastels.
Rainbow Brite! YES!!!
she's reminds me of a sexy quilt...if that's possible.
tough chica. love this.
I love the feathers and her shoes!
sassy Cruella DeVille / the mom from The Adams Family
i'm guessing Cupid?
I'm not even sure how to link the themes on this one.
this dress would have made quite a splash back in the Victorian "bustle" era
Goldilocks all grown up?
floral puff with gorgeous hair
ribbons and more ribbons. love her shoes!
are those balloon wings?! How fun! Love the purple beanie.
my father calls me Mario Andretti, but I don't think this is what he had in mind.

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