Sunday, November 13, 2011


Come winter and out come the sweaters and coats to keep the body warm. This is our way of insulating the body from the cold outside. The way to effectively and efficiently battle the cold is to coat and cover. The base layers of winter clothing must be effective. They must be made of material, which allows the sweat to evaporate. For fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 trends are numerous and very diverse.
New Stylish Fashion is going to tell you about fashion trends, fashion trends 2011, latest fashion trends, and latest 2011 trends, spring trends 2011, spring trends 2011. New Stylish Fashion helps the Fashion lovers of the country about what to carry these days and what not.  New stylish Fashion guides you by informing you the latest fashion trends. 
May it be hats, gloves, bags, socks, tops, jackets or even pants; big and bold stripes are a leading demand of spring trends 2011.
As far as the shoe styles for spring trends 2011 are concerned, clogs and kitten heels top the hit list. Clogs have really different and cool demand so try them and enjoy a different style of shoes all in all. Kitten heels have made a huge come back directly from 60s fashion to bloom and flourish again in spring 2011. They are comfortable, relaxed, pretty and very elegant, well designed and stylish for the ladies to look perfect in this season of spring.
For winter, there should be an outfit that anyone could pull off. By pairing a neutral y jacket with skinny jeans and some simple black boots, it’s sophisticated and easy to wear for almost any occasion. The addition of a patent leather bag and scarf add a little bit of interest without overpowering the look.
Keep a good eye on little detailing as spring trends 2011 highly demands it. So keep coming at New stylish Fashion.

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