Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women Fashion Show 2011

The hats were for years a fixture in the wardrobe inevitable presence highlights of our society. However, over the years, such tools were watching was limited in its scope.

On the one hand, were virtually reduced to a small elite, linked to the world of horse racing’s life or private club. On the other hand, pret a porter trends have left out.

However, more and more people are encouraged to save their hats of old trunks, and do them again in the focus of avant-garde designers.

For new seasons, returning to retouch Capellino combing all stylish lady.

Within a range of colors, which include cakes, hats and make their magic Capellino deployment by the European streets. With a touch of class, complement many outfits mid-season.

For those wishing to make use of Capellino and hats on a daily basis, it is suggested to choose those made into yarn, natural colors, especially white and cream, by the ease with which they have to be combined.

If the proposal is for an evening attire, berets are the most suitable proposal. Here if you can gamble a little more color and defy logic. Apart from the use of intense colors and the combination thereof, may be appealed to the brightness, buttons and pins, exclusive to this type of use.

Women Fashion 2011
Women Fashion 2011For women with some extra pounds, until a few years ago seemed to settle the world of fashion.

However, in the context of innovation and open minds, new designers have challenged the standard molds and now offer a series of extremely flirty clothes for plump women, eager to dress well.

Thus leaving the runway, from the most decorated camisoles, even hyper-stylish jeans. They do not stay out dresses, sportswear and much, much more.

The initiative of a group of designers were able to see a swath of the apparel market was not yet sufficiently exploited. In turn, it had a large number of potential clients, the same unhappy with the proposed standards.
Women Fashion 2011
Women Fashion 2011Arose was how the proposals XXL. And the truth …. Designs are wonderful!

They are based on concepts that are pillars of elegance, comfort and good taste.

Around them, they spread the most glamorous animal prints, glitter, stones and accessories everywhere.

The secret lies in finding the right combination and the most appropriate design for each body shape. The elegance comes with a cut and a size appropriate to the measurements of each body n particular.

Thousands of women have abandoned the straight skirts without respect by the new options the market offers today.
Women Fashion 2011

Women Fashion 2011No doubt it is the tissue that the Jean has been present in all collections of recent times. Is never out of fashion and is very versatile because it can see it in all kinds of garments.

Jeans fashion offers all sorts of pants, from flared to skinny jeans in different shades and colors of Jean. Jeans also in skirts shorts and shorts. Fashion jeans fit all body types, so you can find a casual look perfect for you. One of the basic pieces of 2011 are fashion jean shorts, so every woman should have a pair in your wardrobe.

You can choose between different colors, such as washing will be very much in fashion 2011. You can find denim garments in all kinds of colors and styles. One very popular is the short skinny pants.

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